TRoP teaser trailer drop: Initial Thoughts, Early Theories

For a 60 second information-less teaser, I have many thoughts here. Let’s get right into it.

What city is this?

Initially, I thought the port from the intro shot was Tirion upon Tuna, as this city is what’s theorized to be from the only shot we had of this series, from the perspective of a white-cladded individual (Finrod?) in the grassy hills of Valinor. But immediately on the 2nd watch, I realized those statues had to be in a nod to the Argonath from the PJ’s film series. This is definitely a Numenorean port, and specifically I would say Andúnië as it seems to face the West.

Meteor Man: good Iluvatar where would I start. This is perhaps one of their “bigger stretches” of the Tales and where they could play into whatever they want. JD Payne & Patrick McKay have already hinted in this Variety cover that they won’t rule out a Wizard, which is strange as in the appendices they are said to have arrived to Middle-Earth a good one thousand years into the Third Age. That means they may have to first look at other narratives – and specifically, I would say the one from The Peoples of Middle-Earth. It was the Blue Wizards who first arrived to Middle Earth in the Second Age no less (specifically in 1600 during the forging of the Rings!). A lot of people say Sauron as well – an even bigger stretch as he was already in Middle-Earth. Time will tell.

The Vanity Fair follow up piece seems to answer my other questions: the girl we see is Nori Brandyfoot, a confirmed Harfoot, ancestor to hobbits (but what purpose they have at this time, I couldn’t guess. Aren’t they supposed to remain hidden?). The blond Elf fighting in golden armor is Finrod, with short hair for some reason. And the shipwrecked man is Halbrand, who if it is true that he is a member of the Éothéod, is a quite a ways from home.

Unfortunately that only sparks more questions, and sometimes, if I’m taking it too seriously, causes for concern. Ultimately, I will continue to hold my fire until we see what route the writers are taking it.

September 2nd, watch party anyone??

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